How to Prepare Your Home to Sell


How to Prepare Your Home to Sell

10 Necessary Steps on Preparing a Home to Sell


1. Declutter

    • Eliminate half of your belongings - clutter can cost you a sale. Rent a storage unit or portable pod for extraneous pieces of furniture or knickknacks. Another idea is to ask a friend if you can borrow some space in his or her garage. 

2. Remove personal effects

    • Take down all personal photos, diplomas, posters, awards, etc. from surfaces and walls. When selling a home a buyer doesn't want to see your private items on display and you don't want them to see every family member and hobby that you have.

3. Home Care

    • Use "home wash" (a hose attachment that is available at any home improvement store) to clean the outside of the house.
    • Clean windows, screens, doors, and gutters of the home

4. Functionality

    • Make sure all lights are in working order and replace burnt bulbs. You could even go so far as to replace old light fixtures with newer ones if you want to go the extra mile.

5. Landscaping

    • If you're selling in the Spring, clean up left over leaves from the fall, weed the flower beds (If applicable), mow the lawn, and make sure any landscaping stone is secured.
    • If you're selling in the Summer, make sure to mow the lawn, keep it hydrated and green, keep the flower beds free from weeds, and water your plants to keep them in full bloom.

6. Deep Clean

    • Make every surface shine, from ceiling fans to baseboards. Don't forget interior windows, mirrors and floors.
    • Scrub every inch of the kitchen and bathrooms.
    • Organize drawers and closets. Buyers may look in there. 

7.  Staging

    • Rearrange furniture to make rooms appear as large as possible.
    • Buy new linens and pillows if necessary. Be certain they are a neutral color.
    • If you have a room painted in a bright color, consider painting it neutral as this could drive up the price of your home.

8. Photography

    • Hire a professional photographer and consider one that specializes in video walkthroughs and aerial photography. We have professional photographers we recommend to our clients.
    • Since many buyers start their research online, the more they can see your property the better. Video walkthroughs give buyers a sense of the flow of the home and aerial photography can highlight your property and give buyers an idea of the surrounding area.

9.  Neutralize Odors

    • Consider buying a clean scented candle or an air freshener for the common area especially if you have pets or smokers. 
    • Buyers don't want an overwhelming scent but they also don't want to smell pet odors or tobacco.  

10. Pick the right Realtor

    • Start interviewing agents as you're preparing your property for sale. They can provide valuable insight into the housing market. 
    • Let our experience work for you! At The Gamble Group, we pride ourselves on forming our business around building relationships, mutual respect, and personal touches. You need a local Realtor that is embedded in the community and can guide you through the entire sale from beginning, middle, and end. Please visit our Seller's Guide here!

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